Amore also known as Amore: a True to Life Story is a standalone BL story from the Philippines produced by Star Image Artist Management, the management of all the actors in it. Its episodes are in three installments released on separate days.


Secondary Characters

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Plot (Non-Spoilers)

Amore is the story of a boy from the province who goes to college and finds himself entangled in the lives of four boys for various reasons. One of them is in love with him almost at first sight. Another, he accidentally hurts badly in a rush to class. Another, a roommate who hates his guts. And finally, his boss as a student assistant.

Synopsis (Spoilers)

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  1. First Sem
  2. Now We are One, Two, Three
  3. Oh My Daddy
  4. Hide & Seek
  5. Momi, Dadi & Me
  6. First Kiss


Related Material

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Supporting Characters

  • Princess - (Jocel Parr) the girl Jimmy gets pregnant
  • Dexter - (Donn Mergal) Nuan's brother
  • Gilbert - (Brian Cuballes) Nuan's uncle who is in love with him
  • Pretty - (Wenlove Intervencion)
  • Gaile - (Buknoy Glamurr) Joey, Nuan and Wil's classmate who is revealed to be a dormmate as well
  • Baninay - (Elsa Droga)
  • Tanya - (Thania Pukutera)
  • Jason - (Joshua Manzano)
  • James - (Tenchie Correa)
  • Enzo - (Cj Alonzo) Kenji's personal assistant
  • Lemuel - (Mitch Raymundo)
  • Jessa - (Joni McNab)
  • Xavier - (Marc Ang)
  • Felix - (Lim Dakis)
  • Alfredo Cruz - (Liam King) professor

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  • In episode 4, Buknoy Glamurr was added to the roster of tenants in the dorm. despite only being a background character previously, as a classmate. In episode 5, they explain this away saying his character lives in the back house and never used to join them on the table til that day.


  • Amore uniquely chooses to divide its episodes into three parts and release them on separate days, making each part of an episode, essentially, a 25-min episode in itself, book-ended with credits.
  • Amore uses the opening and dramatic theme from "Put Your Head on My Shoulder", a Chinese straight drama and a whimsical musical track popularized in TikTok called "Mii!" by artist VooDoo.


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